IAPDA Mission and Purpose

Renauld Smith • 16 Sep, 2023

The IAPDA, or International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, is an organization that provides training and certification for professionals in the debt settlement and collections industry.

Mission and Purpose: IAPDA was established to standardize the knowledge and professionalism in the debt settlement industry. We are now offering our certifications to the credit and collections industry to assure the same type of professional training, understanding and best practices in the industry, and are committed to maintaining a high standard of service.


What Makes IAPDA Great for the Debt Settlement and Collections Industry:

  1. Established Credibility: IAPDA has established itself as a respected authority in the debt settlement industry. Their certification is recognized by industry professionals and gives assurance to consumers.
  2. Standardization: Through its training and certification programs, IAPDA brings a standard to the practices and processes within the industry, ensuring a consistent quality of service.
  3. Continuous Training: IAPDA's commitment to ongoing education ensures that professionals in the industry are always updated with the latest techniques, laws, and best practices.
  4. Consumer Confidence: Recognizing an IAPDA-certified professional or company gives consumers added confidence. It assures them that they are dealing with trained, knowledgeable, and ethical professionals.
  5. Ethical Standards: IAPDA promotes and enforces ethical practices in the industry, ensuring that clients are treated fairly and that members maintain the highest level of integrity.
  6. Industry Advocacy: IAPDA represents the interests of the debt settlement industry at various platforms, making sure that the industry’s voice is heard in regulatory and legislative forums.
  7. Networking Opportunities: Being a part of IAPDA offers professionals the chance to network with peers, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on industry challenges and solutions.

What IAPDA Does:

  1. Certification: IAPDA offers training and certification programs for debt settlement AND collection professionals, ensuring they have the required knowledge and skills.
  2. Training Programs: They provide comprehensive training on debt settlement and financial consulting, ensuring professionals are well-equipped to serve clients effectively.
  3. Industry Updates: IAPDA keeps its members informed about the latest industry trends, changes in regulations, and emerging best practices.
  4. Advocacy: The association acts as a voice for the industry, engaging with regulators, lawmakers, and other stakeholders on issues impacting the debt settlement sector.
  5. Networking Events: IAPDA organizes events, webinars, and seminars that provide a platform for members to connect, learn, and collaborate.
  6. Consumer Education: Beyond training professionals, IAPDA also plays a role in educating consumers about their rights, options, and how the debt settlement process works.
  7. Financial Education Curriculum for the consumer: A Financial Education Curriculum refers to a structured set of lessons, modules, or courses designed to teach individuals about various aspects of finance, money management, and financial literacy.
  8. Company Accreditation: Obtaining company accreditation establishes a level of comfort with consumers, creditors, and legislatures by displaying a commitment to accountability and industry standards.  IAPDA members are viewed as dedicated consumer advocates by the public and regulators alike. 
  9. Consulting and Training: Professional Training and Consulting Services for start-ups and veteran companies. Consult with a debt relief industry professional with 20 years of experience regarding all aspects of the debt settlement industry.



In conclusion, IAPDA's dedication to excellence, ethics, and continuous education makes it an invaluable asset for the debt settlement industry. Whether it's by upholding professional standards, offering top-tier training, or advocating for the industry's interests, IAPDA plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of debt settlement.

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